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After operating Kostas Meat Market since 1993, we have been blessed with the business we do here.

Many customers over the years have been asking us, “Why don’t you open a bakery and make it easier for your customers?”  Kostas response would be “I don’t have the baker or the time, but if I find the opportunity and the baker, I most definitely will!”


Here we are today.  In December 2012, we were approached by a baker from Greece that Kostas has not seen for a long time since he has moved back to Greece many years ago, and with the economic crisis in Greece he has decided to move back to Canada.


Kosta had a great idea, he decided to find a way to approach and create this dream of his customers and open a bakery to make in convenient for his customers.  After a meeting both Kosta and Thoma were on the same page.  Thoma said it was a great idea and that Kostas Greek Bakery would be a success.


While long hours spent renovating and trying to get the bakery ready for Orthodox Easter, Kostas Greek Bakery had its grand opening, April of 2013.


Currently, Kostas Greek Bakery has been successful and have had great customer feedback.


We are constantly trying to introduce more products into the bakery from breads to sweets, a variety for everyone.

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